Saturday, April 17, 2010


Music is a big part of my life.
When I was a kid my sister and I grew up with Latin rhythms and beats because it was what our parents listened to. As we got older and discovered the wonder that is a boom box we became intoxicated by the sounds the box spewed out at us. I remember listening to everything and anything. Missy Elliot, Rolling stones, Donna summers, Nirvana, Prince, Jazz, Madonna, Elvis, Country, Folk, Pop…
We heard it all. We wanted to know all the words and melodies. My sister and I used to tape the songs off the radio so we could dissect them one at a time and learn the words (this was before we had internet lyrics and before computers were in every household). I still remember some of those old songs from playing them over and over again. As we both grew up she moved away to Washington. We went our separate ways; musically as well. She stuck to hip hop and rap and I moved on to bigger and better things… the glory that is ROCK AND ROLL. Classic rock, alternative rock, Punk rock, Rockabilly …. I can go on and on. Not forgetting my roots in music I continued to enjoy some of the artist my sister and I listened to but mostly I wanted to hear New music. Music that was new to Me. I remember being in high school and seeing a bunch of my friends wearing Sex pistols t-shirts, Floggin Molly patches on their sweaters, and Nirvana buttons on their backpacks and envying them for their vast knowledge of music. Many of my classmates had a sibling who had introduced them to these musicians and that is how they knew about them, but I had no one teaching me the “ropes”. Little by little I would ask questions and do a bit of research about the latest band. Listening to new radio stations like KROQ and JACKFM helped introduce me to new and old artists as well. I began to follow bands like The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction. I had finally paved my musical road and began to know what I liked and what I didn’t. I realized early on that lyrics were important to me. I did not know why at the time but I knew that if I did not know what the band was saying I did not like it nor did I want to listen. As I grew older and discovered my passion for writing I realized why lyrics were so important. I love words. I love expression. I love music. I realized whoever wrote the song I am hearing on the radio at one point or another felt the need to express how they were feeling through writing. I was getting a glimpse inside the soul of another person.
Music is Beautiful.
So I decided to take a shot at it and back in August of 2008 I began to write Lyrics (wish I could write music as well but the only instrument I know how to play are the drums). All of my music is so personal all derived from emotions and life situations. I have written over 15 songs in the past year and a half but I have always been timid about sharing my lyrics. I have always wanted someone to come in and make music to my beautiful lyrics, but the few I have worked with always want to go in another direction with them. So I have decided that If I cannot make music out of them then I can at least share them with you guys. I want you to realize this is really hard for me and I am torn about this but I feel it is time to set them free, so keep an eye out for future posts with my babies attached.

I hope this does not backfire.

“Music is a free ride into my soul” – Crazy antics

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