Friday, April 30, 2010

He was sprawled out like Jesus . . .

Turning up Stylo, one of the songs off the new Gorillaz CD, I slowly inched closer to the accident. I figured it was just another LA pile up. There was one police car a firetruck that had just arrived and a towtruck. As three lanes of cars and trucks tried to merge into My lane I glanced over toward the accident and saw an officer standing near his patrol car looking at the ground beneath him. As My eyes followed his line of sight I finally saw what he was looking at.
He was sprawled out like Jesus on the Eastbound 10 freeway. He looked about 30 and was wearing a blue plaid shirt jeans and boots. Blood pooling near the top of his still helmeted head like a halo. There was brain matter laying in his blood in plain sight. His bike was 25 feet away mangled and facing the opposite direction of traffic.
As I passed the last patrol car traffic cleared and everyone began to increase their speed. I sped off with thousands of thoughts going through My mind. What was going to happen when his family got the news? I wondered what his last thoughts were. Where had he come from and where was he going? He never expected THaT to be his last ride and that his life would end on the pavement of the 10 freeway.
The whole ride home I thought about him and life just became more pointless in My mind. All his plans and dreams and years he worked Pointless! Seeing death that close just reminded me about how we don't have any control over our lives! It made me want to die.
I wonder if ill dream about him tonight?!

R.I.P motorcycle man
????- April 2010
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