Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Liars and Lovers by Karina Villalta

For men that walk amongst us
Who never show their face
Who think they are a victim
Of those who like to prey
For them the world moves at a slower rate.
She will never give them luck.
For they were dead before they bled
With their simple minds all fucked.

I am the liar and the lover
The mover and the shaker.
And all of those around me
The losers and the beggars
Can see that I am different
I move the world around me.
To make my dreams reality
Manipulating Anything and Everything
I lie to win and love to take
I make a move and then they shake

They look defeated and they are.
All they carry are their scars.
Of dreams all broken and
money now a figment of their imagination
becoming a symbol of ones intoxication.
They spend their nights wondering why
and all they seem to come up with is to deny
That they lost the battle and I won
but The war is not over its only just begun.

I move to achieve and shake to confuse. The Weak Little minds
of The boys who choose
the women like me
they loose and loose.
Some learn their lesson But some never do.

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