Monday, July 6, 2009

MJ The Bedlam Continues.

Since everyone is taking their two cents and tossing them into the Michael Jackson fountain, I guess I will too.

First off let me just say that I was and am a fan of Michael Jackson “The Artist”, Not Michael Jackson “The person”. I’m just letting you know because some people think I am insensitive about his whole life and death. But by all means I am just being a realist ok, so calm down people.

All his life he was manipulated and ridiculed. He had his personal demons paraded in front of America and the rest of the world; His family dysfunctional; His marriages a sham; His children Victims of a father’s obsession with eccentricities; His body fading; His Life a Basic all around spectacle. BUT why end there? In death his legacy of bedlam has continued. Stories of drug addiction, child endangerment, death wishes, secret passageways and ghosts have saturated the media and with it Michael frenzy.

Why are people so hungry for the late breaking news about a person they only knew a fraction of? No one knew the real Michael he did a fine job of hiding, or I should say protecting his true self. People are always medaling in other peoples business; celebrity or not. Why do we care what will happen to his estates, his debt or his children (well that one I sort of understand…”Think of the children”). Well I guess its human nature to care but to flood our time in the life of a Celebrity is ridiculous by all means of the word! Why do we have to take pictures of celebrities and sell them to the highest bidder? Why do people care so much to buy those pictures for thousands of dollars and put them in magazines? And why do we the consumer purchase these magazines at $3.00 a pop? Why all the gossip and rumors and slander? It beats me. I have always been one of those people who “If It does not concern me I don’t care or need to know”, but not everyone is like me (what a shame). People feed off of information that does not pertain to them and share it with others and gossip just because they can.

I fell sorry for him, his children and his loved ones they never had a normal life, and never will.

For people who call themselves followers and are crying and mourning. I’m just curious to know why? I do not understand it and frankly I think it’s rather foolish (for this I am called callous and cold hearted). I do not understand how you could “Follow” a man you hardly knew; a man who did absolutely nothing for you. Maybe because I am not big on pop culture, because it is fueled by the media and people who follow trends, I do not get it so please explain!

With all this said Good bye and Good Luck Michael for Judgment awaits.

Michael Jackson's Star on the walk of fame. (picture taken by me. Karina)


  1. I am a HUGE fan on MJ the artist. He was a crazy fuckin dude, its too bad his legacy will always be child molester (which he wasnt convicted of) Sham on MJ, sham on!

  2. I think many people look past that....but in the end whether he did or did not, he still slept with little children....tooo damn weird!