Monday, May 17, 2010

Love and Death

Why do we all long, Long to be loved?
When love is not life
and life is not love.

It brings Death to freedom and decision
Death to happiness and forgiveness
Death to maturity and security
Death to humility and my tranquility

Looking in the eyes of fate.
A fate which lies and puts us at the mercy
of another being who now holds the key
to an exposed broken possession which used to be
we hold on to love like it's the only real thing
we do not see the reality of its fatality

Death to hope but you still have faith
Death to sex now its all a game
Death to friendship more deception
Death to beauty only questions
Death to sanity just dementia
Death to emotion
Now only depression

Love is a synonym to death.
Love is a mental train wreck
Love is a risk
Not many should take
Love ruins lives
You seek good advice
But you do not see, your eyes are blind
Love and death go hand in hand
go hand in hand hand in hand

Death to Passion just corruption
Death to thought now memory loss.
Death to truth only lies
Death to laughter that's my demise
Death to pleasure only pressure.
Death to dreams you get no prize
Say goodbye goodbye goodbye

Love is death, Love and death

-Karina V.

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